Who Is Running From The Cloud and Why

Before You Run Toward Cloud Computing, Look Who’s Fleeing!

Cloud computing is the new technology buzz word; and just about every tech provider from Oklahoma City to Miami is starting to offer it. However, are small to medium businesses adopting the cloud at the same rate?

Before you start running toward the cloud for your own IT needs, make sure you know why many companies are currently fleeing from it.

New Technology Trends in Oklahoma Law Firms

Technology use has grown at a rapid rate in the legal profession. The American Bar Association Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.1 requires lawyers to keep up with changes to both the law and the way it is practiced. This also includes the technological aspects.

How Oklahoma Law Firms Improve Employee Morale

In many organizations, employee morale and technology investments are closely related. At Oklahoma law firms, workplace technologies improve morale by simplifying once-arduous tasks, enabling better workforce management, and even supporting a greater work-life balance.

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