Is Your Computer Repair Provider in OKC Thinking of Firing You?

Is Your Computer Repair Provider in OKC Thinking of Firing You?

Fired cartoon characterBelieve it or not, computer repair providers in Oklahoma City do not always want to give the best deals possible to clients. Sometimes all these support people want are clients to make money off -- with little regard for their clients' technology needs. The problem is similar to an insurance company that won't be flexible enough to be competitive.

Help Desk Support

Some IT providers like to create the appearance of help desk support prepared to assist you with technical issues, when it's really a facade. Some providers who take flat fees as consultants are more into taking money and running up bills than fixing problems. If the issue requires costing money, such as purchasing and learning new software, they may be more interested in cutting corners than in providing a fair service for the fee.

Similar to the way an insurance company operates, a less reputable computer support provider will use their help desk to screen for clients that do not demand as much help. They would rather exploit the clients that pay regular fees without needing much support. Therefore, part of your task in evaluating computer support is to make sure you have a team that isn't just about doing the least amount of work for the most amount of money.

Signs a Provider Is Unconcerned

• uses technical jargon designed to confuse
• does not show any interest in your business plan
• does not alert you to new software that can improve efficiency
• fails to provide data backup testing
• gives excuses instead of solutions when addressing ongoing technical issues

Unprofitable Clients

The IT industry, including Oklahoma City computer repair, has companies that actually teach support teams to avoid unprofitable clients. The reason they want to cut ties with such clients, is they do not want to bother fixing broken businesses that are losing money. They prefer to work for companies that rarely have technical issues and merely represent automatic monthly income for minimal effort. This type of support team will "fire" a client before learning what the solutions are to make the business competitive.

Quality Computer Repair Checklist

The best technicians understand how to communicate clearly with customers. The ones who try to use jargon on purpose, may likely be trying to cover up simple solutions. By making problems appear more complex than they are, they have a chance of boosting fees and charging clients for their ignorance. Here are other points to remember when evaluating technical support:

• they take initiative to fix problems before they happen
• they clearly explain multiple options to solutions, regardless of savings
• they pride themselves on being on the cutting edge of technology

What To Do About Predator Providers

The best strategy to follow once you realize that your computer support team is working more against you than for you is study your market and evaluate your needs. Then create a list of new candidates of providers that are articulate and excited about helping your business succeed. Talk with representatives at EMSCO Solutions today to learn more about how you can improve your computer repair in Oklahoma City -- please call 405-813-4455 or go to

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