Crawford & Associates, P.C. vs. Oklahoma City CPA Alternatives

Crawford & Associates, P.C. vs. Oklahoma City CPA Alternatives

There are times when a business needs special accounting services to take care of their financial dealings. Crawford & Associates, P.C. is one specialty CPA firm that is well-known and highly successful in the Oklahoma City area.

Established in 1984, Crawford & Associates has garnered an international, national, and statewide reputation for excellence in government accounting and consulting.

A Legacy of Success

As big as their reputation is, Crawford & Associates, P.C. is made up of just twenty-five employees. The firm’s focus is governmental entities, for which they provide several powerful services.

This includes financial statement preparation, fraud investigation, internal control analysis, auditing, and more. Because of their level of specialty and continuous dedication to providing high-quality service, Crawford & Associates is regarded as the best government accounting firm in the area, and one of the best in the nation.

As a tribute to their success and further backing their standing as the number one government CPA firm, Crawford & Associates, P.C. boasts an impressive level of clients. Among these include the Government of Guam, the U.S. Department of Interior, the State of Oklahoma, the State of Minnesota, and other local, state, and national governments and a few universities.

Also, several leaders of the firm are brought in as expert speakers and trainers around the world. While some Oklahoma City CPA firms can also claim to deliver high-quality service, few can match the leadership and recognition that Crawford & Associates has built over the years.

Standing Out From the Crowd

What sets Crawford & Associates, P.C. apart from other Oklahoma City CPA alternatives boils down to their unique expertise and leadership. Many firms choose to serve as a jack of all trades CPA firm, focusing on many different industries and types of businesses.

By choosing to focus on one particular area, Crawford & Associates narrows in on their target market more closely and builds a more targeted team, which is a benefit to their clients. It is also no secret that the firm is world-renowned for their leadership skills.

Far from many Oklahoma City CPAs, which may only have a local or state presence, Crawford & Associates has highlighted their firm on a national and international level. Strong leadership and a top-notch team are the foundation for what has made this firm so successful and what makes it stand out from others.

Following the Same Path

As business environments and accounting regulations become more complex, CPA firms may wish to become more specialized by deeply focusing on one or two areas. The added benefit is the CPA firm becomes more personalized for clients.

While it is not the only model that one can follow, Crawford & Associates has used their specialized system to catapult themselves to the top of Oklahoma City CPAs.


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