Lenovo Partner

Together EMSCO and Lenovo deliver solutions that drive real business results.

Today's modern data centers need an agile, high performance and scalable IT infrastructure that is durable, simple and progressive. It needs to include constant updates and improvements in computer, storage, networking, and application technologies. IT infrastructure should empower IT managers to implement this infrastructure in a changing business environment, and know it is backed by a trusted and reliable partner.

Lenovo is one of the biggest manufacturers of personal computers, laptops, tablets, servers, and more. It is the second largest computer vendor in the world and growing. EMSCO is a certified Lenovo partner offering professional and responsive support for all Lenovo hardware solutions.

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We offer the following Lenovo solutions:

Artificial Intelligence

Data Analytics

Business Applications

Client Virtualization and Infrastructure





Software Defined Infrastructure



Graphic Processing Units

Project Management

Technical Support

Data Backup Services

EMSCO provides robust computer solutions and reliable support for businesses of all sizes. Our service technicians are Lenovo-certified and trained to follow best practice industry standards. Our expert technicians can build Lenovo based solutions that add value to your organization. Our on-site Lenovo certified technicians can manage all configurations and adhere to strict quality guidelines to ensure that you receive the best solution possible. We ensure all hardware is configured to your specifications and updated with the latest firmware revisions.

Contact us to learn more about our Lenovo solutions and how we can easily help you set up a powerful IT infrastructure.