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By Far The Best Company To Go With

This is by far the best company to go with. The employees truly like what they do and want to do the best for you and your company. Always making sure to do whatever it takes to get the job taken care of. I really appreciate their commitment!!!” Having the peace of mind that we are being monitored by professionals and that we can contact them at any time if we have issues or simply need a quick answer. The quick response time is a huge plus!

Vickie Wolfe
Tillison Cabinets

Service Is Extremely Responsive

Regardless of what may happen to our office or the equipment in our office, all of our information is backed-up at a secure site and readily accessible. In the past year, we have had to utilize this back-up and it was totally successful. Also, by renting our servers, we can more easily budget our computer hardware costs and are always assured of having updated equipment. When an issue arises we get an immediate response. EMSCO has several extremely qualified technicians that can readily help out with any problem. Their customer service is extremely responsive. You guys always go the extra mile.

Kevin Coffee
Harris & Coffee

Diligent With Our Practice Needs

Working with EMSCO is like working with family. EMSCO has invested in our practice. They have taken the time and energy to know the meticulous details of our IT system. Our practice has many vendors we work with daily, but none compare to the relationship and trust we have with EMSCO. The competent professionals at EMSCO are diligent with our practice needs. From the simplest question to the most complex issue, I know EMSCO will handle the situation proficiently and cost effectively.

Betty Moon
Practice Administrator
Ellis Pain Management

Worry Free Support And Not Having To Be Involved In Every Single Issue That We Might Have Is The Biggest Benefit We Have Received From Doing Business With EMSCO Solutions.

As the President and CEO of Patco Electrical Services, Ray Patterson does not have time to be involved with every technical issue that might occur with his company.  “Issues are usually addressed and fixed by the time I find out that we had an issue.  As for the hardware, I like that it is kept up to date and not having to worry personally about changes and upgrades every three or four years. We have worked with EMSCO for 13 years; anytime we have a problem we can talk to someone about it immediately, and a solution is usually as simple as a remote session.  Whether it is a server, desktop or personal device issues, these folks have always had the answers.

Patco Electrical Services, Inc.

I had no idea that we had lost connection to the server due to an Internet outage. I'm thrilled that EMSCO was monitoring the Situation and was able to get us back up and running within a few Minutes.

The Ninety-Nines, Inc.

All of the technicians at EMSCO always provides the highest and quality of work. They are a great team to have on board with us. The staff is very prompt to answer service request. They are very cordial and they know how to resolve the problem quickly. Responding quickly means a lot since we deal with Patients and Physician's.

Thanks EMSCO!!!!!!

Midwest Nephrology Group, PLLC

Excellent response time and personal attention.