Disaster Recovery Planning

2015 was an interesting year. Within two months, the Oklahoma City area experienced tornadoes, earthquakes, and flooding. Many businesses were without power, had equipment damaged by weather, or both. Having current and reliable data backups is crucial, not only because of these types of disasters but also many issues unrelated to and much more common than acts of nature, such as a destructive virus or a lost laptop. Occasionally your staff works remotely and saves files on a home computer that isn’t immediately backed up in your office. EMSCO Solutions can protect you with a variety of different backup options.

Data Backup - Oklahoma CityOn-site and Off-site:

  • End-user backups
  • Server backups
  • High-availability Business Continuity solutions

Below are some of the types of backup options we support:

  1. Tape Drive Only (Not Recommended)
  2. Tape Drive + Snapshots (Less than ideal)
  3. Disk Drive + Snapshots and Off-site File-level Backup
  4. Disk Drive + Off-site Replication to 2nd Server
  5. Backup Disaster Recovery Local Off-site
  6. Virtual Environment Locally and Remotely – True HA (High Availability)

Disaster Recovery - Oklahoma CityBusiness Continuity

EMSCO Solutions will help you customize and implement a Business Continuity Plan designed for your business. The primary objective is to achieve an affordable disaster recovery plan.

The Planning Stages are:

  • Knowing Your Business – Business Processes, Insurance, Facilities, Risk Assessment, Impact Analysis, Developing Strategies, and Interviews.
  • Developing Your Plan – Recovery Tasks, Resources, Contacts, and Assets.
  • Implementing Your Plan – Identifying Disasters, Event Log, Notify, Schedule, Timeline.
  • Maintaining Your Plan – Plan Verification, Plan Status, Plan History, Exercise Plan, Resources Training.


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