Network Infrastructure

Your network infrastructure includes many different components of hardware, software and customized configurations. These components need to be organized and working together efficiently with minimum disruption to your business. Outsourcing your IT network management to an experienced specialist allows you to focus on your core business. Technology changes very fast and there are too many moving parts to distract you from the core business functions that make money.

Make it simple for yourself and call EMSCO Solutions to be your One Point of Contact for all of the moving parts of your IT infrastructure:

  • On premise servers, desktops, laptops, switches, routers, firewalls
  • Cloud providers
  • Line of Business software on premise and Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Internet service providers for data lines and web hosting
  • Mobile devices such as Droid, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and other tablets

Anything related to IT is part of your network infrastructure and can be outsourced to EMSCO Solutions in what we call Vendor Management. Think of all the companies you interact with on a monthly basis for tech support, ordering products and supplies, your internet services, etc. Now think of the time you would gain back if EMSCO Solutions dealt with all of that for you, while keeping you updated and in control.

Best of all, Vendor Management is included in our overall Managed Services offerings along with our CIO Services.