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With many businesses embracing cloud technologies, cloud computing in some capacity is now a standard. Your company can rely on EMSCO Solutions help migrate its legacy operations to cloud based infrastructure, all or in part.

Features of Microsoft Azure

  • Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) - Microsoft Azure's specialty. Your organization can use Microsoft Azure to deploy a wide variety of managed and provisioned infrastructures. You can deploy infrastructure that scales to meet a wide variety of technology and business needs like servers, storage, networking, web hosting, and more. EMSCO Solutions can manage your Azure based infrastructure so you can focus on other things.
  • Easy to recover files, Timely Backups - Your data is physically stored in the cloud, from secure datacenters within the globe. By default, any data that you store in Azure storage will have a minimum of three copies stored in the same data center. With that level of data resiliency, you can reliably depend on your data's uptime.
  • Data Security - Microsoft Azure is built with security in mind, and security levels can be pre-configured and customized as per customer's needs.

Key benefits of using Azure as your cloud computing service:

  • Low cost solution - No need to buy hardware, no need to buy server licenses, no upfront costs.
  • Easy to scale. You pay for only what you use. Azure charges by the minute and by the gigabyte of storage and processes.
  • Hybrid Deployment - You can opt not to fully store your data in Azure if you have confidential files you don't want to put into Azure.
  • Ready for worldwide deployment. Datacenters are spread throughout the globe, your data can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

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