Remote Server Monitoring

Benefits of remote server monitoring

Many organizations spread their IT infrastructure over several locations to ensure uninterrupted availability should something go wrong that could disrupt business operations. That means servers, switches, routers, and other networking equipment are kept in different locations to ensure that systems are up and running at all times. Managing them, however, can be challenging for IT departments.

One of the more modern approaches to IT monitoring and maintenance, remote monitoring software, helps ensure that servers and systems run optimally. This enables organizations to gain huge improvements in productivity, and reduce operation and maintenance costs while preventing unplanned outages and downtime. Here are some of the key benefits of incorporating remote server monitoring into your IT operations.

Instant visibility

Research shows that organizations experience 14.1 hours of downtime annually, causing businesses to lose approximately 545 hours of staff productivity and $1.55 million in lost profits every year. As such, businesses must take proactive steps to prevent issues that lead to downtime.

With remote server monitoring, business owners and IT leaders get advanced warning of pending updates, irregular behavior, and failures of in-house servers. Depending on the configuration, automated scripts are activated and will execute preprogrammed actions to fix issues and correct problems remotely. By stopping such issues in their tracks, remote server monitoring can help avert bigger problems from occurring.

Lower TCO

The cost of server ownership quickly adds up when you consider initial upfront investments, ongoing maintenance, server hardware- plus the cost of recruiting, training and maintaining IT staff. Of course, this affects the business's bottom line. There are costs to deploying remote server monitoring solutions, but nowhere near the costs of a manual approach.

Seamless maintenance

Applications, programs, and systems must be up-to-date and in sync with the latest patches, software updates, and security checks. Business operations run smoothly when networks are properly maintained and secure, but those tasks are challenging and increase with the size of your organization and IT infrastructure. Remote monitoring helps keep track of your IT architecture and promptly notifies your company when one or more systems require an update.

Minimize Downtime

Unplanned downtime is a huge threat to business activity. Aside from financial losses, customers often lose trust in your company's services when they are unable to have access to them. When your systems go down, employees also may lose access to their workloads, software, emails, communications and other essentials for their jobs, preventing them from fulfilling customer orders. By deploying remote server monitoring, you can keep your systems running by proactively watching for and dealing with issues before they become critical.

EMSCO offers end-to-end Remote Monitoring Services for application and server monitoring.

With most businesses and employees operating remotely, it can be difficult and expensive to have on-site staff monitoring servers and remediating issues that may occur. With remote server monitoring, your company can rest assured that its servers, no matter their location, are up and running. To learn more, contact EMSCO Solutions.

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