5 Reasons an Oklahoma Business May Want To Rent Their Next Server

5 Reasons an Oklahoma Business May Want To Rent Their Next Server
  1. Avoid Technology Obsolescence - Computer equipment loses value at roughly 2% per week. What does this mean to you? What you purchase today is worth 2% less this week, 2% less of that total next week, etc. For example If you paid $2000 for a computer today, next year it will be worth $600 and the year after that $200. Three years from the date of purchase, it is worth about $60. This “scratch pad type calculation” is close, but not exact. Is there any benefit in owning equipment like this?
  2. Improved Cash Flow - Every CIO has had to face the CFO at one time or another in relation to a technology procurement decision. CFOs in particular seem to think that “IT always shows up, spouts unintelligible jargon and asks for huge lumps of cash”, to quote one consultant on CIO.com. Renting can help convert those large capital expenditures into fixed monthly costs.
  3. Software Scalability Up and Down – With Microsoft SPLA Licensing Scalability is Easy to Deploy and Manage.  Tax season can be an extremely stressful time for customers, and accounting firms try to ease that stress by scaling up their staff to meet customer needs, and scaling back down when the season slows down. This rental of Microsoft licensing (whether it be Remote Desktops, Microsoft Office, or Exchange email) enables you to provision users on your server as you need them.  This also ensures that you have the most current licenses available, and eliminates the need to own licenses you don’t need.
  4. Your Hardware is Always under Warranty – Your Hardware provider should always make sure that your hardware is covered under the best warranties available, many of the providers also will include maintenance, monitoring, updates, and patching. You should ask your provider for all the details of what services can be included with your rental.
  5. All of the Benefits of Cloud Computing without the Loss of Physical Control – There is a lot of buzz about Cloud Computing and for good reason.  The “Cloud” is scalable, robust, access anytime anywhere from any device, and is a great pay as you grow model. The most common concern being “I don’t know where my data resides, and what do I do if I lose access to it!” The server rental can be configured to provide the same type “Cloud Connectivity” with the peace of mind of knowing where your data resides, and has the monthly cost benefit of Cloud Computing.  This is often referred to as a “Private Cloud."