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Our partnership with Datto helps our clients up and running shortly after a disaster strikes.

Disasters; whether man-made or not, are risks that every business must consider while they are operating. We all know how severe the damages will be if the data and the system would be wiped out in case of unforeseen events. What matters most is how will we be able to recover the files lost after a disaster struck.

Here at EMSCO Solutions, we're always looking for ways to add more innovation and quality to our service offerings. We've partnered with Datto Solutions for their superior technology in regards to virtualization, cloud solutions and business continuity solutions. Datto Solutions and Services are only available through accredited Datto partners like EMSCO Solutions.

Enterprise-level Business Continuity Solutions

Easily restore a lost file or an entire business infrastructure in minutes.

Datto excels in bringing next-generation business continuity solutions that include robust software and seamless integration. This level of business solution helps in the following instances.

Offer Peace of Mind

With a BCDR solution that is simple, smart, and effective.

Provide an affordable option

With an Opex ongoing service contract.

Prepare customers for disaster

With total data protection from devastating system failures, natural disasters, and human error.

Share the responsibility

Our Support Team covers 24/7/365, at every stage and during disasters.

Protect customers from ransomware

By quickly restoring the business infrastructure to a moment before the attack.

Datto Solutions and Services are only available through accredited Datto partners like EMSCO Solutions.

We are a certified Datto partner / Datto dealer / Datto consultant / Datto Reseller serving companies around the State of Oklahoma.

Our expert Datto consultants are likewise eligible and proficient in Datto products and systems, including SIRIS, ALTO and Datto NAS. We are here to assist your business with any and all of your Datto needs. We are your trusted local Datto partner and provider!

Our team is ready to hear your business challenges, call us today.