HIPAA Compliance

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Individual health practitioners frequently ask if they need to comply with the HIPAA requirements. When it comes to HIPAA, size doesn't matter... from solo practitioners to major hospitals, all must be compliant with the standards that protect the privacy of patients' health information, and secure against data theft from cyberattacks.

The HIPAA Act is made to protect every patient's health records, whether electronically or non-electronically. This means securing each step, from record-taking to data storage. EMSCO Solutions will assist you with this.

The HIPAA Compliance Solution for Practitioners and Organizations

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While you specialize in the medical field, we specialize in IT security and compliance consulting. EMSCO Solutions partners with you to ensure your medical practice can keep up with the compliance demands of your governing authority.

Our approach to HIPAA Compliance involves making sure that your strategies are sound and the result makes a solid foundation for long-term, continuing HIPAA compliance. We'll work closely with your team to identify and resolve potential risks.

Our consultants will walk you through the documentation and processes needed to become fully compliant with HIPAA. We will also advise what policies and procedures will work best in your case from IT security standpoint.

Find out how EMSCO Solutions can provide the information and tools your organization or practice needs to achieve and maintain compliance with HIPAA. Give us a call: 405-813-4455