Password Management

Finally, a secure and easier way to manage passwords.

Passwords are the most used security feature. Strong passwords ensure only you can access your accounts and data on your local machine or on the Internet. It is important to have strong passwords for all of your accounts.

However, there are all sorts of different password standards for any given software and platform. Some require a minimum of 8 characters, others require 10. Some should contain a special character while others must have a number.

All these password combinations multiplied by the number of software and accounts you log in to equals chaos.

This is where Password Management comes in. Having a password management software solution for your business enables employees to generate better, more secure passwords, and captures, stores and fills credentials to software and websites they log in to automatically.


The ability to log in with a single ID and password to any of several related, yet independent software systems.


A wide range of supported software from old to new. Can be easily integrated with website logins as well.


Generate and create strong passwords based on the required complexity. Never worry about combinations anymore.

Password Management from EMSCO Solutions

  • All passwords are saved in centralized encrypted storage and locked with an admin password.

  • Weak and often reused passwords are changed periodically being randomized by the built-in password generator following the complexity standard requirement of the software.

  • Admins monitor who accessed which password and logs with a timestamp of each attempt. All credentials are monitored 24x7.

  • Admins can easily enroll and remove user accounts.

Cybersecurity breaches are no joke. We've seen businesses paying huge fines due to failure in cybersecurity protocols. Don't let this happen to your business. EMSCO Solutions has educated many companies about how password hacking can make or break a business, and our password management solution will help you and your employees keep passwords safe and protected at all times.

Our solution is flexible and can be easily adopted by your current tech setup as well as by your employees. Contact us today to learn more.